It is a joy to own a puppy.
There is nothing better than your buddy waiting for your return.
The overjoyed puppy dance for me returning from the mailbox.
It will make anyone feel good no matter how tough the world has been.
The smile it puts on your face and feeling of unconditional love is outstanding. I love the greetings.

But owning something that can destroy your property or becomes something that you didn’t bargain for can be an
awful experience. That is why I do everything in my power to start you off in the right direction.

The Grate/crate method starts the puppy out  with good habits. Training is easier than to trying to break bad habits.
I won't leave you in the dark trying to figure out what works best!

There is a lot of false information on the internet about certain breeds are hard to housebreak. The key is knowing HOW to Housebreak. This is one of the many things we teach you.
Who advice should you follow?  
Your broke neighbor or your rich friend?

Most of my customers have the task
completed in 3 weeks, some had it done in 3 days & a few of my customers never get the job done due to not following through.  It is not rocket science, it is just following directions.

                    & OTHER PETS

I love my dogs.  They are well taken care of.
The health of my dogs is very important;
good nutrition
love makes happy dogs
The puppies are handled daily and
exposed to new sights and sounds. 
This makes the transition to your home easier. Go ahead and make noise around my puppies!

Grate/Crate Method of Kenneling

House Breaking w/ a Backup Plan

small Lap dogs in MINNESOTA from

*Teddy Bear *Shichon *ShihTzu/Bichon                                               smartphones use the

*Shihpoo *ShihTzu/Poodle                                                                      hamberger menu to view webpages

*Bichpoo *Bichon/Poodle *Poochon                                                                                 LEFTside at TOP

                                                        updated on 4/28/2016 currently under construction

AVAILABLE PUPPIES-none at this time

       Teddy bears due to born any day

Take 14 minutes
 to watch the video
on grate/crate method of kenneling.

It is a backup plan for going potty
for the times you cannot let your puppy
outside or miss its signal to go outside. 
It works great with teaching the puppy
and it is not confusing to the puppy.
They learn to do both methods of going OUTSIDE & use the GRATE when you are not available to let it out the door.