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St. Paul/Minneapolis Area

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Appointments*Reserving*Deposits*Credit Cards*Email*Map

Home of Non-Allergy
Small Lap dogs breeds
that are good with children
and other pets.
Allergy-Free Dogs
are considered non-shed.


Emails are usually
answered within 24
hours or less.

If you need a faster reply -
Please call 612.760.1096 -
Leave message with phone #
and best times to call.
If you do not receive a reply
check the first page of website
for posted messages
(no phone number, email or
cannot understand message)

Many have found the answers to their questions
and more by taking the time to
read the articles,
listening to the podcasts and watching the training
videos.  Now would be a great time to do so.

to receive a reply include
full name
phone #

Minnesota non shed puppies for sale


Reserve or
Purchase a PUPPY


You may choose to watch the website or
place a deposit to reserve a future puppy.

deposit agreement   

A deposit reserves the puppy
you have chosen

and guarantees that it will not be
 sold to anyone else. 
A deposit placed for a puppy not
 born is for the next successful litter.
example:  female middle sized
 from peggy sue or peggy sue f2

The deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE
or forfeited
if you choose not to follow
through with the your pick.

The deposit is a final sale,
there is no switching to another puppy. 

If the puppy is declared unfit for sale
(decided at 6 weeks of age)
the deposit will be moved to
 the next available puppy. 

The deposit is my guarantee that you
will not change your mind and
I do not lose time, effort & money
turning away other customers.

If you do change your mind, don’t want
or can’t take the puppy due to unforeseen
circumstances then you have decided
to forfeit your deposit. 

Failing to return phone calls,
emails or texts to schedule
a pick up date will forfeit your deposit. 
If the buyer does not contact the seller
there will be a $22.00/day boarding charge
added to the balance due, plus any
other expenses including any vet cost
if buyer does not pick up puppy by the
agreed date
(usually between 8-9 weeks of age).
One week past the last agreed pick up date
(think 8 weeks of age unless stated differently)
the buyer then forfeits the puppy and
any payments made on puppy.

A deposit is required to reserve
your puppy...or you can choose
to watch the website. 

A puppy is available till a deposit
 is in motion
(customer has the permission to place a deposit).
When a deposit is in motion the puppy
 will have a 24 hour hold placed on it. 
If the deposit has not cleared within
the 24 hour period, the hold will be
removed and the puppy is placed
 back on the website as available. 

If a puppy is available at the time of
 the email/phone call but it is a
deposit that reserves the
 puppy as yours.   

If you are not willing to put down
a deposit then you risk
that the puppy may be sold.

   Appointments scheduled more
 than 1 day in advance does NOT
 reserve the puppy -
the deposit is the contract. 
An appointment says that you
are interested in the puppy but are
not willing to make the commitment
 by placing a deposit. 

$200 deposit for a male
$300 deposit for a female
$300 undecided
to insure a choice.
The deposit goes towards the purchase
price which is determined at 6 weeks
of age.

We never know if we will have all males,
 all girls or a nice mix.
The size of a litter may be 2-4 puppies,
 sometimes only 1 and other times many more.

A decision would need to be
made when puppies are born. 
An email with photos of available
 puppies will be emailed to you. 
Each puppy will have a number
posted by it.

You will have 24 hrs to decide
 your pick or pass.  

If you do not pick or pass then
we pick or pass for you.  Then the
remaining available puppies
 are posted to the website. 

If a decision isn't made
after 24 hrs., the available
 puppies will be posted to
the website
A puppy will be either chosen
for you, or a pass then you can
chose from the available puppies
 posted on the website
.  Unless
you state by email within 24 hours
 that you would like to pick a certain puppy,
pass on your pick and
wait for the next litter. 
then your pick would stay the same or
move up as the customers in front
of you choose their puppy.

if you do not see what your are wanting
to purchase in the current litter
then you may choose to pass

If a deposit is placed for an puppy
and unforeseen event occurs in
our care, the deposit may be moved
 to the next available puppy
at the breeder's discretion.  

You may place a deposit for
either a male, female or undecided.

Your pick is placed on the website
Then you may also pass if the size,
 coloring or timing if it is not right for you
Your position (pick) moves up as others
 in front of you chose their puppies

We reserve the right
to decline the sale/adoption

of a puppy,
should it appear
that it may not be

beneficial due to
 any of the following:

We are NOT looking for customers
who consume time, energy...needy
have ever changing needs
have integrity issues-
 policies is in writing-website & emails
want free or discounted items-the huslter
or tolerate abuse or disrespectful behavior

Switching to
another puppy

There is much work involved
with updating the website,
weekly updates, record keeping,

, etc.
for each puppy.  When a puppy
 is picked, it has been removed
for sale and is yours.  If you wish
 to forfeit your deposit for the
original puppy and place a new
deposit for another puppy, you may. 
As long as the puppy is offered for
sale it is not yours till a deposit is placed. 

Balance is paid at pick-up-CASH
or PayPal 2 days before pick up
or Wells Fargo 2 days before pick up

Prices are set when adult size is
estimated at 6 weeks of age.

CHECKS are accepted for deposits
on puppies who are not born
cash, credit card
through PayPal or
Wells Fargo online/walk-in.

A check will need to clear
before you are able to take
your puppy home.
Checks are just a piece
of paper till the bank honors it.
If the customer does not mail
the check in time sales are loss
NSF charges us $35-$50
 incurring us extra costs
Extra time making a trip
to the bank and following
 the paperwork of making
 sure it clears

Credit Cards can be
used with PayPal
PayPal account is not required.
PayPal offers swipe
credit card may be used at
the time of sale

It is available for puppies with
the following policies:

1.  There is a 5% processing fee

(cash discount is the price shown on website)
 5% example: $100 = $105

2.  A valid driver license with the same
 name as the credit card

3.  credit card must be signed
4.  valid expiration date

Payment needs to clear
 before taking your puppy
& products home.
Most credit cards clear
within 5 minutes. 
Some payments may take up
 to 48 hours to clear. 

PayPal advises not to let
 any customer take their
 puppy or products till the
 transaction has cleared. 

the following statement needs
to be signed at
I understand that I can NOT return
 this purchase or attempt a
chargebacks on my credit card
unless I follow the Minnesota Law
printed on reverse side of this form. 
(see health guarantee page)

Please email or call
with your contact information
phone number
email address 

1.  A deposit can be
send by mail
if puppy is
not born yet
        A personal check,
cashier's check
or money order
that Wells Fargo Bank
is willing
to cash
(post office money order) 
is cheapest. 
Cub foods, Kwik trip or 
Minnesota bank is usually
excepted-call if unsure.  
Ardy Livermore
6721-320th St. W.
Northfield, MN 55057

Call or email FIRST to
make arrangements
for deposit.

2.  Walk into a
Wells Fargo bank 
& make a direct deposit. 

        Ardeth Livermore
6721-320th St. W.
Northfield, MN 55057
email to get
information & account #
tell us wells fargo walkin

3.  go online
(need a online Wells Fargo acct)
& make an online transfer.
        Ardeth Livermore
6721-320th St. W.
Northfield, MN 55057
  email to get account #
tell us wells fargo online

3a.  wire transfer
costs $15 through Wells Fargo

4.  Make a Paypal purchase
(5% charge)
  email us FIRST  

before using Paypal button
to reserve puppy
Then choose correct
PayPal button for deposit
or purchase
enter puppy mother's name
& letter #
all other required information.
will email procedure

4a.  PayPal swipe
(5% char
At my home or meeting,
credit card swiped through
my smart phone using PayPal.

5.  Make an appointment
to visit &
place your deposit
even if the puppy isn't
ready to be seen...
You can meet me &
decide if you would
like to reserve a puppy.

Puppies can be shown/visited
after 6 weeks of age

I will show you
how to use
the grate/crate &
teach you how to
train your puppy.

 Balance owed
 credit card or
PayPal account accepted

Balanced Owed on Puppy
enter name & letter of puppy

  most credit card or
PayPal account accepted
by placing a deposit
understand & have read
the deposit agreement
email or call before using PayPal button
Puppy Deposit
Mother name & letter of puppy

credit card or
PayPal account accepted
by placing a deposit
understand & have read
the deposit agreement

email or call before using paypal button
Puppy Purchase
enter name & letter of puppy

The deposit goes towards
the final price of
the puppy determined
at 6 weeks of age

go to

page to purchase
or  click here  to
view available

or You can email
products you
like to pick up


Our business operates on
appointment basis
Please respect our
privacy-call or email
for an appointment

Check the first page of the website
 to view which puppies are available
for sale
We do not show any puppies till 6 weeks
 of article below to explain WHY;)

Email-click here


emails are currently the best
 method to contact us

Appointments currently available

usually Saturdays between
9:30 am - 11:30 am

      by appointment
 if puppies are still available for sale
For more appointments times
 please email or call
to schedule
Tell us what days/times you are
available to make an appointment.

We will find an appointment that works
 for both of us.

Helpful tip-
you can record your sporting events
 to watch when you get home from
 your appointment.

Please leave a message
 if I am not able to answer...
I wish to offer the best individual
 customer service I can &
cannot always answer if I am
 with another appointment or
doing jobs where I can not answer

best to call between
 1 - 3 pm on Saturdays
 (usually with customers in mornings)

Monday - Friday
 8 am to 3 pm...leave voicemail
if unable to answer-
grooming/on phone, etc.

Emails are currently best
 due to my schedule.
Thank-you for understanding.

Allow 48 hours to reply to emails
most emails are answered within
 12 hours or less.
If you leave a phone message I
would also use the
 email link above
 to leave your email address. 
Then I can reply to you
 at any time of the day. 

My home is NOT allergy FREE,
 hunting dogs, mounts, etc. 
If you or a family member has
 allergies it is best to test your
allergies in my yard for reactions. 
The weather must be cool or warm
enough for the puppies.  

PLEASE inform me before
making an appointment

so the puppy can be freshly bathe
 to remove any straw dust from bedding,
hair from playing with the hunting dogs
or other topical products that may cause
 reactions.  Many people think they are
reacting to the puppy when really it is the
 flea/tick shampoo, frontline, or
 other products put on the dog. 

You should always wash your hands
 after playing with any dog. 
If you have allergies take a shower
 and change your clothes to stop
irritating your allergies. 

Allergies mean your immune system
 is weak & I can help you
improve your health!

Once you place
a deposit

I will email weekly updates
with a current photo of your
new puppy and a progress report…
usually Sundays but sometimes
as late as Tuesdays;)

Balance is to be paid in cash at pick up
or you may use PayPal on the website
before or at your pick up appointment. 
If you put a deposit down on a puppy
not born, emails will start as soon as
they are born. 
Please feel free to email or call.

If you haven’t had a chance to view
the training and education videos,
now would be a great time to speed
up your dog training and knowledge.
Go to the video page at or link on the following link.

I will email photos of the litter
when they are born and settled.
Usually at about 1 week of age. 

The photos will be marked as
m1, m2, m3, f4, f5. 

m stands for male,
f stands for female. 

The m1 is usually the largest of the males,
m3 is currently the smallest of the males.

f4 is currently the largest of the females
and f5 is currently the smallest of the females.

If you have first choice of either
the males or females then you would
only need to email one choice to make your pick.

If you have 2nd choice then you
would need to email your
first pick and your second pick.

3rd choice then
1st, 2nd and 3rd picks

You will have 24 hours
to make your pick or pass.

If you do not we will
pick/pass for you. 
The remaining puppies will
be posted to the website
available for sale.

We have decided
not to ship.
Shipping can be tough on a young puppy.
  We do not want any of our babies left
out in the cold weather or exposed to
high temperatures.  It is better to make
 arrangements to pick up your new
 member of the family and either travel
 with your puppy under the airplane
 seat or in the grate/crate in your car. 
The cost is comparable to
shipping the puppy.

We can meet if the timing
fits our schedule.
We charge .50/mile * 2
drive 50 miles to meet you
the charge would be $50
.50*100 miles round trip

Why I Don't Show
My Puppies Till
6 Weeks of Age.

I want to do all I can to insure
a healthy puppy is sold to you. 

We do not show the mother once
she is pregnant or with a litter of
puppies for the same reasons. 

Worms can be carried in on your shoes;
they steal the puppy’s nutrition.

Parvo can live in the ground for a year;
it's one of the worst diseases they can get.

A simple cold can be tough
on a young pup.

That is WHY I wait to show my puppies.
Their immune systems need time to
develop and their first shot series aids
in protecting them against the odds. 
Think of it this way, I can ride a bike a
1000 times without needing my helmet...
I only need it the one time there is an accident.

If you make an appointment and
there is only one puppy that you
believe you want then you must
make it clear that you are coming
only to see that puppy. 
The appointment must be made
within a reasonable amount of time.

 If you are not willing to put down
a deposit then you risk that
the puppy may be sold.

Once a deposit is placed &
the puppy is old enough to leave,
 we can hold the puppy for a few days
 without a $5/day kenneling charge
The kenneling charge will be $22/day
if not agreed to within a 7 day period
from date puppy is ready to go home with you.  
We understand if you need more time
 to get ready for your new member of the family. 

If you choose to reserve a puppy
before it is ready to be shown in
person or ready to go home...

I email weekly updates
and photos 
updating you
about your new pet.
I show you how to have a happy,
healthy, well behaved puppy &
 help save you time, effort plus money.
 Example:  information on how to
 choose a vet...
why some vets cost more then others, etc. 
Did you know xxx Hospital is
more expensive then xxx Clinic. 
The more hours they are open
and the more equipment they have,
the higher the overhead,
 the higher the cost to you. 

Once a deposit is received &
 has cleared
(usually < 3 business days)
the eBook is emailed to you.

I have had many customers willing
to give references but I do not believe
 it is their job to help me sell my puppies.
I respect their privacy.

If you are not happy with what you
have seen so far then
I am not the breeder for you.

I have not found another breeder,
who takes the extra effort of
individual kenneling
the puppies. 

This avoids the puppy crying into the night. 

Owns both mom & dad

(you can see them),

offers the best
Health Guarantee
Minnesota has to offer,

shows you how to raise,
train and avoid health &
behavior problems

offers it in written format,
the eBook. 

take emails/calls to help you
keep your puppy on the correct
training even after the
puppy is sold to you.

who would give out
bad references?

How do you know you are really
talking to a satisfied customer or
someone who will profit from giving
a good reference (relative, friend, etc.)?
There isn’t an easy way to check
to see if it is a real customer.

Use common sense when
looking for a breeder and if anything
feels uncomfortable or looks unclean...
should you buy from them? 
If you purchase from a breeder
because you feel the puppy
needs to be rescued,
you are part of the
puppy mill problem. 
You just paid that breeder to
keep doing exactly
what should not be done. 

use the link
below to view current



30 minutes South of
The Mall of America
Please respect our privacy
-call or email for an appointment 

The appointment time needs
 to be agreeable
to both you and I.

For those who need
a firmer statement...
expect to be turned away
without an appointment.

If you find that the directions
are unclear or
you will be more than

minutes late...
it is the polite thing to do.
please call/email/text...
play dates are scheduled for 1 hour
(appt at 9:45 am ends at 10:45 am)

pickups are scheduled for 15-30 minutes
(appt at 10 am ends at 10:15 or 10:30 am)

If you arrive early PLEASE be patient
enter the house at your appointment
...we have limited space and need to
keep a timely schedule
to serve all with appointments

f you can not keep
your appointment..

drive through the gate

drive around the circle driveway

park on the grass

off the driveway

and walk up to the house;)

to view
 construction projects
for Minnesota Highways
to go

Coming NORTH of Northfield, MN

35 South
exit Hwy 19
(Northfield exit # 69) East
 (LEFT at bottom of ramp)
4 miles-LEFT on Decker Ave
 (name will change to Garrett Ave. in one block)
1 mile to second stop sign and tee
(cannot go straight anymore)-
RIGHT on 320 th St. W.
1/2 mile on lefthand side of road.


During heavy Spring rains or
excessive snow avoid the
 gravel road (Decker Ave).
  Do not turn Left on Decker Ave

35 South
exit Hwy 19
 (Northfield exit # 69) East
(LEFT at bottom of ramp)
continue into Northfield...
7 miles...
At Stop Light turn LEFT on Hwy 3
Go 3 miles and
 turn LEFT on 320th St. W.
Go 3 miles-
on RIGHTHAND side of road.


exit Hwy 19
 (Northfield exit # 69) East
 (LEFT at bottom of ramp)...headed East toward Northfield
4 miles-LEFT on Decker Ave
 (name will change to Garrett Ave. in one block)
 Decker Ave is paved for 1 block to the first stop sign
1 block to first stop sign-
RIGHT on North Ave
 (also called 80 St. E.)

1 mile to stop sign-
LEFT on Eveleth Ave.
(also called Falk Ave, Cedar Ave (Co. Rd. 23))
1 mile to stop sign-
LEFT on 320th St. W
 (not marked)
1 mile-on RIGHT-HAND side of road


Hwy 3 South
RIGHT-320 th St. W.
3 miles-
on Righthand side of road


Hwy 77 South
 (Cedar Ave (Co. Rd.23)
will come to a stop sign & tee
(cannot go straight anymore)
 LEFT on Cty Rd 86 (280 th St. W.)
3/10 of a mile-
very first RIGHT on Foliage Ave.
4 miles to stop sign & tee-
RIGHT on 320 th St. W.
RIGHT into first driveway

From Rochester-
SouthEast of Northfield
Hwy 52 North - 34 miles
exit 89 LEFT (west) on
Cty Rd 9 - 6.9 miles
RIGHT (north) on Hwy 56
- 5.2 miles
LEFT (west) on Hwy 19
 - 7.7 miles
RIGHT on Dahomey
 - .2 miles
RIGHT (north) on Hwy 3
(water st.) - 2.1 miles
LEFT (west) on 320th St. W.
 - 3 miles
On righthand side of road

Ardy Livermore
6721-320 th St. W.
Northfield, MN 55057
not all GPS work for our address...
we are near 3 counties dividing lines.
Garmin and OnStar
have been reliable
Leave a phone message
 if I am unable to answer
best to use the email link
 at top of page.

Please call/email/text
if you will be more than
 15 minutes late

Dog Breeder Costs


You may ask yourself why dog breeders charge

 what they do for the purchase of a puppy...

They don't get paid vacations

they don't get paid sick days

they don't get bonuses for outstanding performances

nor paid for working on Holidays...Christmas etc.

they don't have paid company insurance plans

don't qualify for unemployment

they sacrifice special days when they could be with family

to serve others' needs

Illness & Personal affairs-are no excuse to not

 be available or doing the daily chores

they love what they do but it doesn't pay the debts

 if they don't treat it like a business

Map of ATMs

$200 (male) OR $300 (female) deposit to HOLD PUPPY while you run to the cash machine.

Holiday Station  2.71 away  100 Water St N (Hwy 3), Northfield, MN 55057 (507) 663-1151 US Bank ATM
Amcon Inc             2.71 away         109 Water St N, Northfield, MN 55057     (507) 663-0228
Kwik Trip 385         3.0 away           500 Laurel Court Northfield, MN 55057 (507)-645-6053 no fee ATM
Big Steer               4.75 away         8051 Bagley Ave, Northfield, MN 55057    (507) 645-6082
1.  Wells Fargo Bank         3.09 away         700 Water St S, Northfield, MN 55057     (507) 663-7300
2.  First National Bank       2.9 away           329 Division St S, Northfield, MN 55057    (507) 645-5656
3.  Premier Bank                3.01 away         112 5th St E, Northfield, MN 55057          (507) 645-4418
4.  Community Resource Bank       2.92 away   25 Bridge Sq, Northfield, MN 55057         (507) 645-3132
5.  First National Motor Bank         3 away     529 Division St S, Northfield, MN 55057   (507) 645-567
6.  First National Bank       3.64 away   1611 Honey Locust Dr, Northfield, MN 55057       (507) 664-0820
7.  TCF Bank (Cub Foods)    3.7 away             2423 Highway 3 S, Northfield, MN 55057 (800) 823-2265
8.  Community Resource Bank      3.49 away   1605 Heritage Dr, Northfield, MN 55057    (507) 645-4441
9.  Frandsen Bank & Trust  3.89 away              715 Stafford Rd N, Dundas, MN 55019     (507) 645-8825

Ask for Ardy


Please leave message & email
with area code & best times
to call back;)