out smart your puppy     

When the weather isn't so inviting, or the puppy would rather play with you instead of going outside to relieve itself, here are a few tricks that work.
1) Do a double take-out
Let the puppy out.  If it doesn't relieve itself within 5 minutes, then let the puppy back in for 5 minutes or less then take the puppy back outside.  This gives the puppy time to forget about holding its bladder and the puppy will relax enough to go when taken out the second time.  IF YOU SEE THE PUPPY'S NOSE TO THE GROUND FOR 5 SECONDS where it is not allowed to relieve itself, it may be looking for a spot to pee, 5 minutes or not take the puppy outside to where it’s allowed to go!

 2) When you take your puppy out, do not play with it or talk to it. Just walk a little faster than the puppy can keep up with you. I walk a big circle around the area I want the puppy to learn to go.  After your puppy has success, reward your puppy with praise when it goes in the designated area. 

 I like to use a command for the puppy to relieve itself.  I use the phrase “do your business”.  This phrase aids greatly when I’m in a hurry or need a urine/stool sample at the vet.  I choose not to use the phrase “go potty”.  Parents use this phase when asking their children if they need to go and my dogs would go on the command no matter where.  Another phrase to use is “find a spot”. 

LEAVE THE FRESHEST STOOL IN THE PLACE WHERE YOU WANT THE PUPPY TO GO - once it is going there consistently no need to leave a stool marker. Puppy pads are expensive.  Newspaper that is already stained by the puppy serves the same purpose.  See grate/crate (litter box) training.

3) Catch it in the act or right before it happens. Double clap your hands and loudly say “NO” as you move towards the puppy to pick it up and take it outside, even if it pees all the way out the door.

It will think its getting yelled at for just standing there, dogs live in the moment.

Puppy Pads compared to Grate/Crate

Puppy pads (wee-wee pads, training pads) cost 30-65 cents per pad-at the time of this article.  Your puppy can
 tear them up, track their waste on your floors and it is an on going expense.  The Grate/Crate method protects your floors, diarrhea falls through the grate and cannot be tracked throughout your home.  The puppy cannot play on the newspaper covered by the grate keeping your home clean. 

The grate/crate can be rolled easily from room to room without hurting your back,  pinching your fingers or spilling waste.  The cost is one time for the grate/crate of $102 at the time of this article.  

The math is simple. 
3 puppy pads per day costs about $1.50. 
The basic kennel package is $102/$1.50
 = paids for itself in 68 days.

The Grate/Crate will save you money, keep your home clean and the puppy cannot use the grate as a toy and tear it up.  If you don't have newspaper, ask family, friends, neighbors, businesses or purchase the Sunday Paper.  It will cost less the puppy pads. 

Accident Prevention  tip 23                            By Ardy Livermore

 The typical American life span for a dog weighing less than 15 # is 12-15 years.  This is an estimate of a dog fed the typical American diet of dry dog food and regular tap water. 

 You can increase the span of your dog’s life by understanding how important diet is.  Your dog will have less health issues and you less vet bills by drinking reverse osmosis or steam distilled water.  Feeding a raw organic diet along with dry dog food instead of only dry kibble helps to increase health and life span.

One of the toughest events in life is to lose what you love.  Some events can not be foreseen.  The future is not ours to see but you can try to do everything in your power to be preventative.  It is heart wrenching to hear the stories of pain and loss; this is why I share them with you so you can try to avoid the heartache.  All the examples are real and have happened to dogs I have sold.

 Accidents are the next biggest cause of shortened life span.  Knowing the cause of accidents can help you prevent them from happening to your pet.  You can put a stop to accidents waiting to happen.
Examples:  Jumping out of your arms and breaking a leg or hip, falling off a couch or bed causing injury, running out the door to greet the arriving car and being hit, standing behind a child learning to swing a golf club and being struck. 

 Try to view the world as your pooch does.  It doesn’t think it needs to look both ways before crossing the road.  Or I might fall off the bed or couch while sleeping or playing.  You need to be the caretaker and do what can be done to keep your dog safe.  Teach no dog zones as suggested in my eBook.

 Teach your dog to whoa at the door and exit only on your command.  If your bed is high compared to the size of your dog it may be best not to let your dog sleep on the bed.  If you are a heavy sleeper does your dog know how to get out from underneath you?  When your child is playing consider the size of the ball/toy and the speed it rebounds.  This may be a time to kennel your dog to keep the little one safe from fast moving objects. 

 Remember not all dogs love other dogs.  If at a family event the neighbor’s dog is chained and your puppy loves all dogs, this may be an accident waiting to happen.  You may end up running after your little pooch and you may have to kick the neighbor’s dog in the side to force him to release your pooch.  Then you may need to run out of range to avoid being bitten yourself. 

 Take your dog’s harness/collar off when kenneling.  It is possible for your canine to get caught and even hung.  Teach your dog to obey on command/invitation.  Your dog should wait for the command/invitation before jumping in or out of the car.  This avoids the possibility of getting slammed in the car door.

 Dokken’s Oakridge Kennels of Northfield, MN teaches a method of placement training with a tone from an electronic collar.  He teaches the dog to look back for hand signals when hearing the tone and go in the direction the trainer points or to stay.  He starts with 2 mats; I use a harness and leash to lead my dog to each mat voicing the command and giving the hand signal.  As your pooch understands what to do put the mats further apart, reward the dog after each correct sit on the mat.  Now the tone can be added in from the electronic collar and you never need to yell again.  Just push the tone, your dog looks at you and you can direct it as necessary.  Dokken has training DVDs on his website or call 507-744-2616.

 Listen to the podcast to learn how to teach your dog to watch out for feet.  This will prevent injury to your dog or you.   Enter the link below to listen to the podcast!

Walk Through-Teach your dog to watch out for feet!  Episode 4

Dog Ear Solution

1/2 cup water

1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar

ONLY wipe where you can see

use cotton ball, wipe or Q-tip

squeeze out excess fluid from cotton ball, wipe or Q-tip


Instead of the traditional method for kenneling a small kennel without a place for the puppy to relieve itself.
I use the grate/crate method a larger kennel with a grate for the purpose of the puppy to be able to relieve itself if necessary.  This is a back up planfor going outside.  It works great with small dogs.

1. No need to get up in the middle of the night to let the puppy out. No standing in your robe with your hair sticking out in every direction waiting for the puppy to do its business.

2. If you want to go out with your friends after work you can. You don't have to rush home and let the puppy out.
No mess to come home to.

3. The puppy stays cleaner.  No stepping in its business like they do on a puppy pad. The puppy isn’t forced to lie in you know what till you come home. The Sunday paper, laundry, rugs aren't in jeopardy on your floors. Who wants kitty litter tracked throughout the house?  The grate looks and feels different from most items on your floors. 
The grate does not hurt their paws.  The grate elevates the dog above the potential messes.

4. If the puppy spills its water it isn't wet from the spill and getting cold.

5. Smells and how it looks tells the story, just look it up in the eBook. There are no smells if your puppy is healthy. You are able to detect health problems before they require vet bills by using the grate method.

6. It is a snap to clean.  Just use a scrub brush to remove debris as needed, spray with disinfectant, pull the tray out and replace the newspaper.

7. No tools needed to assemble the kennel. The kennel folds down like a suitcase for easy travel.  I use 2 snap bolts for added insurance that the kennel cannot collapse.

8. I attach wheels. I do not put up with poor behavior and can easily wheel the kennel into another room without hurting my back or banging it into my walls. I can use it as a puppy playpen and wheel it where I want it. If the phone rings I can either carry the puppy with me or place it in the kennel…no chance for accidents when I am not focused on the puppy.

 Registered with APRI    

America's Pet Registry, INC.

APRI gives the same information that other dog registry services business do.
AKC (America Kennel Club, is one of the largest and best known).
I used AKC is the past and have found APRI to offer better service in all areas. 

  • APRI is less expensive for both you & I. 
  • APRI returns registration forms faster and answer questions quickly and correctly.  

The only disadvantage of not having AKC registration is that if you want to show your dog in AKC shows
 it must be registered AKC. 

Mixed breeds do not come with registered papers.
Generation history is available.

article written by Ardy Livermore

           Small    Non-Shed     Lap dogs


Teddy Bear * ShihTzu/Bichon  * Shichon    

Shihpoo - shih tzu/poodle                                                                 

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Allergies to Dogs  tip 5
By Ardy Livermore

 Many people have been schooled that there is nothing they can do to prevent or completely stop their allergic reactions to dogs.  Not true, it takes time, understanding and some life style changes.

 Lets discuss what an allergy is.  An allergy is your body’s reaction to a substance.  The reaction may be watery eyes, running nose, hives, sneezing and many other uncomfortable conditions.  Your body is trying to remove the substance that is irritating your immune system.  Your body tries to remove these toxins by getting them outside the body.  Examples:  Watery eyes your system is trying to kick the substance out of your body.  A stuffy nose is simply trying to isolate the particle by attacking it with extra reinforcements of antibodies.  This is a very basic explanation but it gets the point across.

 Now, what can you do to change the allergic reaction?  First understanding what you are putting into your mouth and on your skin and how to remove toxins from your body is key.  Water is very important.  Water is what keeps your blood flowing and all your cells need it to do their job of keeping your body healthy.  Water needs to be free of chemicals, toxins, bacteria and viruses for your body to heal itself.  The purest water is steam distilled water.  You can purchase it by the gallon in the grocery store.  Reverse Osmosis would be a good second choice of water.  Other filtering methods, well, tap water come with problems and do not help heal your body.  Chlorine causes scarring of the arteries, Fluoride may cause thyroid issues.  Charcoal filtering of water leaves bacteria, viruses and more but it is better than tap or well water.  Your pets will be healthier if they drink pure water.

 You need to build up the good flora in your intestines.  The food you put in your mouth moves to your stomach.  Your stomach breaks the food into very small particles so they can be adsorbed by your blood through your intestines.  Your intestines need the flora to help break down the food and kick out the bad toxins that are in the food you eat.  One of the best ways to build up the good flora is kefir.  Kefir is 150 times more effective than yogurt.  Kefir can be purchased at grocery stores in the refrigerated health food section.  I feed it to my dogs before surgery, vaccinations and if any health issues arise.  Kefir is a powerful food.

 Understand that you may not be reacting to a non shedding dog but to what was put on the dog.  Flea and tick shampoos are poisons.  When you pet a dog that has a poison topically applied you are adsorbing it through your skin by petting the dog.  Flea collars, monthly applied flea and tick products all cause allergy issues.  Why do we use these products?  Sometimes when choosing between two evils it is necessary to resolve the problem.  That is why when I go to the vet, groomer or other places that may harbor fleas, ticks, mites…the list goes on.  Use a puppy flea and tick shampoo before you go or better yet Animal Scents Shampoo.  This makes my dog a poor host for the creatures looking for a new home.  But as soon as I return home I wash it off with Animal Scents Shampoo, Dove or Ivory Bar Soap.  People who have allergies usually react to the toxins in the flea and tick shampoo but not to the Dove or Ivory Bar Soap.  Think the liquid soap is fine?  No! Compare the ingredients list and Google (search on the internet) the ingredients.  You will be amazed at what is put in to common every day products we all use.  You will learn to make healthier choices.

Understand what you’re putting into and on your body.
Pure clean water removes toxins.
Kefir builds the good flora helping your cells stay healthy.
Identify the products that are poisons.
Use preventive measures.


I am a Minnesota dog breeder located in the St. Paul/Minneapolis area (Northfield, MN).  I specializing in breeding Bichon Frise, Shih Tzu and Poodle toy, tiny and teacup (imperial).  I chose to breed Bichons, Shih Tzus, Poodles, teddy bears (shih tzu/bichon cross) and shihpoos (shih tzu/poodle cross) because they are non-shed, hypoallergenic, small, lapdogs, good with children & other pets. They are shadow dogs who keep track of you.  Other breeds need jobs & lots of exercise to be happy.

I specialize in purebreds that are not only cute, but do not make your allergies flare up. I do not want any dog in my possession that is aggressive, territorial or has qualities that require a lifestyle I can not give to it. I am proud to be ethical, I will not produce a breed that has recently become popular due to a movie or TV show to make a fast buck.

I breed to better the overall improvement of the breed.  I am breeding for family pets not a fancy show dog.
Some of the traits wanted by the judges can be unhealthy or uncomfortable for the show dogs. Some judges promote qualities that I disagree with and this becomes the guideline of what other breeders follow to get the most money for their puppies.  I do not want to be part of the problem. I believe in breeding for health & temperament instead of a look that may cause health issues.

I believe health first and not just looks.  I have the best interests for the breed and you, the buyer in mind. Overly pushed in noses (shih tzus) and line breeding mean nothing if the dog I produce bites your children or dies of some heredity issue before its time. Even good breeders can produce unhealthy dogs on occasion. It is the law of averages.
The difference is that I, the breeder, am on a mission to find and remove those genetic defaults from my breeding lines. It is why I offer the Minnesota Health Guarantee. I rarely have had to honor the guarantee with a refund, replacement or forfeit the cost of the puppy.

Not all breeders are equal, and the puppies I produce may greatly differ from other breeders’ puppies. To tell the difference between a responsible breeder from an unknowledgeable "backyard breeder" or a commercial "puppy mill", go to my page     

We use natural methods for breeding.  Nature knows best when a female is ready to breed, that is why we let nature make the decision.  However is it bad timing for us then mating is not allow.  We do not expose the mothers or puppies to X-rays.  We do not need to know how many puppies are in the womb.  We want to do all in our power to create healthy puppies so we chose not to expose them to electrical disturbances which can create health issues. 

One of your biggest challenges with your new puppy is housebreaking. Your puppy needs to learn to potty outside, or use the grate method or both. I recommend grate/crate training. The crate helps your puppy to feel safe and secure,
and prevents the puppy from developing bad habits (like chewing), and keeps the puppy safe. The grate keeps the puppy clean & gives it a proper place to relieve itself when you are not able to let it outside.When you purchase your puppy from, I will go through specific housebreaking advice, feeding (diet), general care, and many other issues of puppy ownership. My eBook is the operation/owner manual and I am available for questions, now, tomorrow and for years to come.

My puppies are raised inside my very active house to socializing them to your home. My puppies experience different sights, sounds, and surfaces (wood, tile, and cement) and meet my family, friends and visitors. My puppies are not scared of their own shadows. They are well-adjusted puppies wanting to meet the world.  I own the parents of every puppy on the premises.

articles written by Ardy Livermore


Dog Breeder Costs
You may ask yourself why dog breeders charge
 what they do for the purchase of a puppy...
They don't get paid vacations
they don't get paid sick days
they don't get bonuses for outstanding performances
nor paid for working on Holidays...Christmas etc.
they don't have paid company insurance plans
don't qualify for unemployment
they sacrifice special days when they could be with family
to serve others' needs
Illness & Personal affairs-are no excuse to not
 be available or doing the daily chores
they love what they do but it doesn't pay the debts
 if they don't treat it like a business