MINNESOTA Small Non Shed

Hypoallergenic Lap Puppies

Teddy Bear 

      ShihTzu + Bichon     

            (Shichon * Tzu Frise * Zuchon)  

 Bichon Frise 

TeddiPoo shih tzu + bichon + poodle

          Shih Tzu     

         ShihPoo  shih tzu + poodle                                       


mixes of non-shed dogs - shih tzu*bichon frise*poodle   

Great dogs forTherapy& Emotional Support needs


raised with our unique socialization methods        


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Washington County
 4-H Dog Project
Train your dog in agility, obedience
and showmanship

an educational program for boys
& girls K-13
in which the whole family may participate.

Pattie 651-653-7779

Seminars*Online Classes*Books

All to help serve you Better

Minnesota Pet Breeders Association

Minnesota Board of Animal Health Task Force

The Calvary Group

Anoka Game Fair

Minnesota State Fair

Young Living essential oils seminars

     Cherrie Ross

     Dr. Melissa Shelton, DVM

Revival Animal Health learning center seminars

Myra Savant Harris Canine Reproduction,

Whelping & Puppy Intensive Dare seminar


Ask questions of vets, breeders, vet techs

Minnesota Animal Folks

need to keep up to date on what your Frenemies think to address their concerns & fears. 

The quickest way to become an old dog is to stop learning new tricks.
John Rooney

WATCH for round table with Radio Talk
Show Host Kate K-9
(107.1 FM 1st Sunday 4-6 PM CST)
& Holistic Vet, Dr. Jessica Levy

Speaking engagements

4-H groups
girl scouts
boy scouts
church groups and more.

If your group would like to learn how to

  • choose a great dog
  • keep safe from dangerous dogs
  • learn the alpha method
  • how to choose a great diet and
  •  avoid health issues
  • housebreaking techniques

meet puppies if available to be shown

you may schedule an one hour program

can be scheduled at our business/home
Cost $100