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Why I Don't Show  Puppies
Till 7 Weeks of Age. 

I want to do all I can to insure a healthy puppy is sold to you. 
We do not show the mother once she is pregnant or with a litter of puppies for the same reasons till the litter is 7 weeks old.   Once the puppy is 7 weeks, both the parents & puppy can be shown or a play date can be scheduled.  The weather needs to be a comfortable temperature & helps needs to be available to show parents.  Make your request when scheduling the appointment. 

  • Worms can be carried in on your shoes;  they steal the puppy’s nutrition.
  • Parvo can live in the ground for a year;  it's one of the worst diseases they can get.

A simple cold can be tough on a young pup. That is WHY I wait to show my puppies.
Their immune systems need time to develop and their first shot series aids in protecting them against the odds. Think of it this way, I can ride a bike a 1000 times without needing my helmet...I only need it the one time there is an accident.

You can meet me & presold puppies during playdates & pickups when their owners are present;)

How to Pick a Puppy from has a unique training program, it does not matter which puppy you pick.  We sell lapdogs that are non-shed, great with children and other pets.  We have started the conditioning/training.   The Dog Whisperer and Dog Father series  simply train the owner, not the dog.  They show the dog they are the alpha in a understandable & gentle manner.  In 15 minutes the dog is doing what it is suppose to do.  It is all about teaching the owner to be the master, the leader, the one in charge.  We teach you how to do the same. 

We supply a training manual with each dog, the eBook.  The eBook is to teach the new owner the alpha techniques and pack rules.  If you follow the procedures you will not
have the issues that other dog owners have.  The barking, jumping up, biting, begging and other annoying behaviors.  Once you understand the 3 main pack rules and control them with the easy dog language we teach you, it is all simple.

The puppies we raise are conditioned from birth to accept all kinds of sounds, sights, vibrations, etc.  We play barking dogs, howling, sirens, m-16 shots, bird-calls and more, by the time the pups are 6 weeks of age they do not care. These sounds just means playtime and food to them.  This keeps them safe on July 4th from fear of fireworks, thunderstorms, and other noises that may cause them to be fearful. 

The puppies are exposed to our hunting dogs so they think all big dogs are their friends. We have several children available to visit and play with them.  These children know and understand the techniques. 

Our puppies will not be the shy guy or the nipper.  They are conditioned and trained with the pack rules.  We show them what they can chew on and what is NOT allowed by using the our unique training techniques.   We share the techniques with you through the eBook and training videos.  

Our puppies are usually ready to go by 8 weeks of age.  What really determines when they can go home is they must be done nursing.  We let the mothers decide since nature knows
best.  The other rule is the puppy must be settled in its individual kennel. That means without its mother or litter mates. 

Most breeders take the puppy directly from its mother and litter mates and that
is why they cry into the night.  It is scary and lonely.  Yes it is a lot more work to clean several kennels instead of just one. That is why most breeders do not condition the puppies to be alone.  It takes more time to train each puppy and the new owners, another reason why other breeders do NOT do what we do. 

If you think that you need to meet the puppy from before purchasing it to
create a bond you are mistaken.  We have already started the training, teaching,
conditioning.  You just need to follow through with the easy step by step training. 

We even offer a crate/grate training package that keeps the puppy safe and fulfills all its
needs when in training. 
Watch the grate/crate video. 

The truth is that what matters with the type of breeds we raise is the following:

  • Sex
  • breed
  • Color
  • Size
  • Price

It is a pretty simple decision process.  Our dogs are lapdogs, great with children and other pets, non-shed and their only job is to take care of you. 

I could makeup stories about their personalities when they are under the age of 7 weeks but that would NOT be true.  I believe in integrity.  We only raise puppies that are good with children, other pets and non-shed.  That is the bottom line.