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delilah m1  are available

aleash m1  m6 are available

joejoe m1 is available

peggy sue f4 f5 f6 are available


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aprilynne m1  is available

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When selecting the breed that is most compatible for lifestyle and
your situation there are many factors to consider.

What kind of Temperament:

  • Good with children or snap at teasing children
  • Friendly towards strangers and outside family members
  • May provoke bigger dogs
  • Bark if unchecked
  • Affectionate
  • Obedient or strong willed

Qualities desired or unwanted:

  • Non-shed
  • Need to exercise or not
  • Need to have jobs…herd, guard or hunt
  • Grooming
  • Likes cold (winter)

Line breeding (breeding to a certain dog to keep the bloodline going)
Example:  Elhew champion English Pointer. 
The breeder would state 3rd generation from Elhew bloodline or that Elhew was this puppy Great Grandfather.  Hopefully Elhew doesn'thave any faults (bad traits) to pass on.

Inbreeding increases health risks.  It's why we are not suppose to marry
our cousins.  Inbreeding (breeding related dogs) Example:  mother is bred with the son. 

 Mixed breeding or avoiding breeding to closely related parents helps avoids health issues.

None of my males are related to any of my females used for breeding. This is one of the reasons I do not have countless health issues.

If you decide to purchase a mixed breed than be sure that both parents are registered.  Registration helps keeps breeders honest about what they are truly breeding.  Ask to see the parents' registration paperwork.  The breeder should have the registration numbers
on the puppy's paperwork.  I use a registered purebred shih tzu and registered purebred
bichon to produce shih tzu/bichon-Teddy Bears.  I can show a paper trail when a teddy bear is crossed with a bichon or shih Tzu.

Shihpoo (shih tzu/poodle) Father purebred Poodle and Mother purebred Shih Tzu with
papers proving it true.  Ask to see the documents. This insures that the parents were
not chosen because they kind of look like a Shih Tzu and Poodle…so we’ll call the puppies-shihpoos. When they really maybe Lhaso Apso-Poodle which can be fine but may be not good with children & strangers.  A Lhaso Apso was bred to be a guard dog where the Shih Tzu was bred to be the inside palace pet.   Rescue dogs most of the time do not have paperwork, the vet will need to give his best guess of what the dog is and how old it is.  The fact is that it it unknown and cannot be proven.  Breeds are bred for the traits, they are either bred into the breed or out of the breed.

One or both may have sneaky neighbor dog (unknown father) breeding in its background
with characteristics you would prefer to avoid.  If one of the parents have shedding qualities your puppy may shed. Even if one parent has non-shed qualities and most of the past litters have been non-shed. Do you want to gamble?

  There is NO guarantee that the puppy will not have some quality you DON'T want.

If one of the parents has shedding, not good with children, etc....qualities you don't care for...your puppy may have the unwanted quality

I don't care to have a dog in my possessionthat may bite my family or cause problems
in other areas that are important to me.

Yorkie (yorkshire terrier) or Maltese (terrier) or Chihuahua mix
may not like children or anyone elsebut the owner.  Terriers are happier with
one pet owners and where they can claim everything as theirs.

Cocker Spaniel mix
may not tolerate teasing (will bite to protect themselves) and prefers to hunt.

Jack Russel mix (jackapoo)
May shed and may not tolerate teasing (will bite to protect themselves),
are aggressive towards other pets and are very active dogs who need allot of exercise. 

Lhasa Apso mix
may not like children or tolerate teasing and prefers to guard.

Cavalier mix with nonshed breed
 may shed and is a working breed that prefers to hunt your neighborhood squirrels,
 birds or other fun creatures.

Beagle mix with nonshed breed
may shed and is a working breed that prefers to hunt your neighborhood squirrels,
birds or other fun creatures.  Beagle have voices and like to use them. 

Bichon, Shih Tzu - mixed or purebred
are non-shed, a lap dog breed that prefers to keep track of you rather than hunt squirrels,
birds or other creatures. They were not bred for anything but being a lap dog.  They won't herd your children or over guard your property but they will give you  all their unconditional love.  They do not chase the mailman but instead think everyone is their friend.