Small    Non-Shed     Lap dogs


Teddy Bear * ShihTzu/Bichon  * Shichon    

Shihpoo - shih tzu/poodle                                                                 

        mixes of non shed dogs - shih tzu/bichon/poodle            


              updated on  6/24/2018

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                                    PUPPY LABELING/NAMING
name=mother    f=female     m=male   #=puppy  
                                    EXAMPLE: waneeda f3



delilah m1  are available

aleash m1  m6 are available

joejoe m1 is available

peggy sue f4 f5 f6 are available


kaylynn m3 is READY to go

aprilynne m1  is available

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1. How to pick a puppy        

2. Policy of deposit          

3. Why buy from us           

4. WATCH the crate/grate video

...the more you read, watch & listen...

the better shopper,

dog trainer you will's up to you;)     

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  • dog language7:27
  • alpha walk6:03
  • walk through accident prevention5:46
  • crate grate method2:48
  • eBook Dog1:01
  • essential oils 4 your dog8:15

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1.  dog language
7:27 minutes

2.  alpha walk
6:03 minutes

3.  walk through
accident prevention
5:46 minutes

4.  grate/crate method

2:48 minutes

5.  eBook

Professional Tips for

Companion Dogs

1:01 minutes

6.  Essential Oils 4

your Dog
8:15 minutes