If you make an appointment and there is only one puppy that you believe you want then you must make it clear that you are coming only to see that puppy.

The appointment must be made within a reasonable amount of time.

If you are not willing to put down a DEPOSIT

then you risk that the puppy may be SOLD.

Male Puppy Deposit $200

PayPal accepts most credit cards or

use your PayPal account from this website (click the add to cart button)

PayPal costs 5% more and shows as shipping

By placing a deposit I understand & have read the deposit agreement
email before using PayPal button

$200 male or $400 female or $400 undecided

deposit goes towards  final price of puppy

***email when you have completed your deposit;)

Female Puppy Deposit $400

Puppies traveling across state lines

All puppies crossing state lines are required to have a CVI

certificate of veterinary inspection

 MN board of animal health

Required information:

  • Full name
  • destination address
  • phone #
  • airline name or state car
  • date leaving

(needs to be within 10 days of date of CVI)



We can meet if the timing fits our schedule.
We charge .55/mile * 2
Example:  drive 50 miles to meet you the charge would be $55 = .55*100 miles round trip

We have decided NOT to ship.
Shipping can be tough on a young puppy. We do not want any of our babies left out in the cold weather or exposed to high temperatures.  It is better to make arrangements to pick up your new member of the family and either travel with your puppy under the airplane seat or in the grate/crate in your car. The cost is comparable to shipping the puppy.


Reserve or Purchase a PUPPY

  • place a deposit to reserve a puppy
  • place a deposit to reserve a future puppy (pick list)

or You may choose to watch the website 

deposit agreement   
A deposit reserves the puppy you have chosen and guarantees that it will not be sold to anyone else.   A deposit placed for a puppy not born is for the next successful litter.
Example:   peggy sue f2 or undecided future puppy

The deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE or forfeited

if you choose not to follow through with the your pick.

The deposit is a final sale, there is no switching to another puppy. 

If the puppy is declared unfit for sale (decided at 6 weeks of age) the deposit will be moved to
 the next available puppy of your choosing.  If an unforeseen circumstance occurs and a puppy becomes unsaleable to a customer with a SOLD puppy, they may be moved into first place pick before the new litter is offered to customers with deposits.

The deposit is my guarantee that you will not change your mind

I do not lose time, effort & money turning away other customers. 

If you do change your mind,

don’t want or can’t take the puppy due to unforeseen circumstances

then you have decided to forfeit your deposit...

this includes not knowing your associations-landlord rules.

Failing to return phone calls, emails or texts to SCHEDULE a pick up date will forfeit your deposit. 
If the buyer does not contact the seller there may be a $22.00/day boarding charge
added to the balance due, plus any other expenses including any vet cost if buyer does not pick up puppy by the  agreed date (9 weeks of age unless stated differently).
1 week before the agreed pick up date (think 8 weeks of age unless stated differently)
if the buyer has NOT scheduled the pickup date the buyer forfeits the puppy plus any payments made on puppy. 

  • A deposit is required to reserve your puppy...
  • or you can choose to watch the website. 
  • If you wish to schedule the pick up date after 9 weeks of age the puppy needs to be paid in full by 9 weeks of ageor agreed date between buyer and seller in written form. 
  •  board 1 week FREE after pickup date then $5/dayper agreement made before hand between buyer/seller

A puppy is available till a deposit is in motion

        (customer has the permission to place a deposit).
When a deposit is in motion the puppy will have a x hour hold placed on it. 
If the deposit has not cleared within the x hour period, the hold will be
removed and the puppy is placed back on the website as available. 

If a puppy is available at the time of the email/phone call

it is a deposit that reserves the puppy as yours.   
If you are not willing to put down a deposit then you risk that the puppy may be sold.

   Appointments scheduled more than 1 day in advance does NOT reserve the puppy -

the deposit is the contract

An appointment says that you are interested in the puppy but are not willing to make the commitment by placing a deposit. 

$200 deposit for a male
$400 deposit for a female
$400 undecided to insure a choice of either male or female that is not born.
The deposit goes towards the purchase price which is listed on the puppy web page.

Price is set at breeder discretion & posted when offered for sale.

We never know if we will have all males, all girls or a nice mix. 

The size of a litter may be 2-4 puppies, sometimes only 1 and other times more.

We do not have a crystal ball that works to predict the future.

If placing a deposit for a future puppy a decision would need to be made when puppies are born.

You may place a deposit for either a male, female or undecided.  
An email  will be send to you
photos and video are placed on the website. 

Each puppy will have a number posted by it. 
Example:  mother's name m1
m1 m2 f3 f4 means 4 in the litter

m=male f=female
This means 2 males and 2 females in the litter

You will have x hrs to decide your pick or pass...usually 24 hours. 
If you do not pick or pass then we will usually choose pass for you. 

The remaining available puppies are posted to the website for sale. 
  You may chose from the available puppies posted on the website if they are currently available.

Unless you state by email within x hours (stated on the email)

that you would like to pick a certain puppy,
your pick place would stay the same or move up as the customers in front
of you choose their puppy...

you may pass as many times as you wish if you do not see the sex, coloring, size range, etc.

If a deposit is placed for an puppy and unforeseen event occurs in our care, the deposit may be moved to the next available puppy at the breeder's discretion...

however we usually allow the customer to decide

As long as the puppy is offered for sale it is not yours till a deposit is placed. 

Balance is paid at pick-up-CASH
or PayPal 2 days before pick up
or Zella-Wells Fargo 2 days before pick up

Prices are set at breeder's discretion or when adult size is estimated at 6 weeks of age

CHECKS are accepted for deposits on puppies who are not born
...otherwise cash, credit card through PayPal or Wells Fargo online. 
A check will need to clear before you are able to take your puppy home. Checks are just a piece of paper till the bank honors it.  If the customer does not mail the check in time sales are loss NSF charges us $35-$50 incurring us extra costs.  Extra time making a trip to the bank and following the paperwork of making sure it clears

Credit Cards can be used with PayPal.   PayPal account is not required.
credit card may be used at the time of sale, it will need to clear before the puppy is released  

It is available for puppies with the following policies:

  • There is a 5% processing fee ...  example: $100 = $105   shows as a shipping charge from PayPal
  •  A valid driver license with the same name as the credit card
  • credit card must be signed
  •  valid expiration date
  • Payment needs to clear before taking your puppy & products home.

Most credit cards clear within 5 minutes.  Some payments may take up to 48 hours to clear. 

PayPal advises not to let any customer take their puppy or products till the  transaction has cleared. 
the following statement needs to be signed at Ardyweb.com: 
I understand that I can NOT return this purchase or attempt a charge-backs on my credit card unless I follow the Minnesota Law printed on reverse side of this form.  (see health guarantee page) Please email or call with your contact information

  • name
  • address
  • phone number
  • email address 

1.  A deposit can be send by mail if puppy is not born yet
        A personal check, cashier's check or money order that Wells Fargo Bank is willing to cash

(post office money order) is cheapest. 
Cub foods, Kwik Trip or Minnesota bank is usually excepted-call if unsure.  
Ardeth Livermore
6721-320th St. W.
Northfield, MN 55057
email FIRST to make arrangements for deposit.

2.  go online (need a online Wells Fargo acct or Zelle)

& make an online transfer.
 Ardeth Livermore
6721-320th St. W.
Northfield, MN 55057

  email to get instructions:  Wells Fargo online

3.  Make a PayPal purchase (5% charge)
  email us FIRST  before using PayPal button to reserve puppy.

Then choose correct PayPal button for deposit or purchase
enter puppy mother's name
& letter #
all other required information. 

We can email the procedure with print screen shots.

4.  PayPal (5% charge)
At my home or meeting, your credit card is processed through my smart phone using PayPal.

5.  Make an appointment to visit & place your deposit even if the puppy isn't ready to be seen...
You can meet me & decide if you would like to reserve a puppy.

Switching to another puppy
There is much work involved

  •  updating the website
  • weekly updates
  • record keeping
  • advertising

 for each puppy.  When a puppy
 is picked, it has been removed
for sale and is yours.  If you wish
 to forfeit your deposit for the
original puppy and place a new
deposit for another puppy, you may. 

How to place a deposit using PayPal

PayPal accepts credit cards

if you use your own PayPal account you may owe more at pickup due to PayPal fee being deducted from the amount paid
example:  $300-$9 fee = $291 being applied to the amount owed for puppy.

 Scroll up to:
PayPal accepts most credit cards

By placing a deposit I understand & have read the deposit agreement
email before using PayPal button

$200 male or

$400 female or

$400 undecided
deposit goes towards final price of puppy

PayPal cost 5% more for use of credit card
it will show as shipping charge

(not able to change the naming of the buttons)

  •  choose  male $200 or female for $400 or $400 undecided (male or female)

Add to cart and follow the directions:
if using a PayPal account  choose check out with PayPal
If using a  credit card chose check out...then enter your credit card information

 Email or text when you have completed making the deposit with the following information...

example:  mother name letter number or type sex (teddy bear undecided)

 I will place a HOLD on xxxx till x to allow time to make the deposit if you confirm you would like to make the deposit by email or text…paypal or wf online…it is the deposit that makes the puppy yours.

 If not placing your deposit immediately then you will need to check to see if the puppy is still available for sale before placing your deposit.  Or the pick placement may change.

 As long as the puppy is posted for sale on the website anyone can make that puppy theirs. 

 We will email your eBook and

pick place once the deposit it placed.

PayPal emails out an receipt.

           Small    Non-Shed     Lap dogs


Teddy Bear ShihTzu + Bichon      (Shichon * Tzu Frise * Zuchon)  

           Bichon Frise 

TeddiPoo shih tzu + bichon + poodle

          Shih Tzu     

         ShihPoo  shih tzu + poodle                                       


mixes of non shed dogs - shih tzu*bichon frise*poodle   

Great dogs for therapy & emotional support needs

Hypoallergenic puppies raised with our unique socialization methods        


              updated on  8 18 2019

Let us know if your

SmartPhone or iPad

does NOT display the website

            Try a computer;)

Undecided Puppy Deposit $400

for puppy not born

We reserve the right to decline the sale/adoption of a puppy,

should it appear that it may not be beneficial due to
 any of the following:

We are NOT looking for customers
who consume time or energy***needy
have ever changing needs
have integrity issues
        policies are in writing

       (via website & emails)
want free or discounted items***the hustler
tolerate abuse or disrespectful behavior!

Once a deposit is placed & the puppy is old enough to leave,
 we can hold the puppy for a few days without a $5/day kenneling charge
The kenneling charge will be $22/day if not agreed to within a 7 day period
from date puppy is ready to go home with you. 

We understand if you need more time to get ready for your new member of the family. 

If you choose to reserve a puppy before it is ready to be shown in person or ready to go home...I email weekly updates and photos updating you about your new pet.
I show you how to have a happy, healthy, well behaved puppy & help save you time, effort plus money. 


information on how to choose a vet...
why some vets cost more than others, etc. 
Did you know xxx Hospital is more expensive then xxx Clinic

  • The more hours they are open
  • the more equipment they have
  • the higher the overhead
  • the higher the cost to you. 

Once a deposit is received & has cleared (usually < 3 business days)

the eBook is emailed to you.

Once you place a deposit I will email weekly updates with a current video of your new puppy and a progress report…usually Sundays but sometimes as late as Tuesdays;) 

If you put a deposit down on a puppy not born,

emails will start as soon as

you have made your pick (decided which puppy).

Balance is to be paid in cash at pick up


you may use PayPal on the website 2 days before your pick up appointment. 

If you haven’t had a chance to view the training and education videos, podcasts or articles...

NOW would be a great time to speed up your dog training and knowledge.

How to place a deposit using Wells Fargo online


 I will place a HOLD on x xx till x  to allow time to make the deposit if you confirm you would like to make the deposit by email or text

using wf online by date_____ & time______

Need to have a cell phone number set up with your wf acct to receive text
(takes 5 days to clear cell phone #)

go to the wells fargo website

  • click on your checking acct
  • Click the Send Money  tab
  • Zelle will show
  • add recipient & sent by email 
  • Add recipient Ardeth Livermore
  • email:  ardyweb@northfieldwifi.com
  • or 612-760-1096

 Enter in male $200 or

female for $400 or

$400 for undecided (male or female)

in the $ section

 Enter in the name of the puppy/your name in description section    
example:  male teddy bear    your name 

 If methods have changed let us know and call Wells Fargo to discover  how to make the transfer.

 Email/text when you have completed making the deposit.
text 6127601096

 We look forward to sending you your updates & the eBook

Customers with PICKS

have placed a deposit for puppy not born yet

I will email photos of the litter when they are born and settled. 

Usually at about 2-4 week of age
The photos will be marked as m1, m2, m3, f4, f5. 
m = male
f = female

number = number of pups in litter


The m1 is usually the darkest coloring of the males,
m3 is currently the lightest coloring of the males.

The overhead view of the photo will show size comparison


f4 is currently the darkest coloring of the females
and f5 is currently the lightest coloring of the females.

  • If you have first choice of either the males or females then you would only need to email one choice to make your pick or pass.

  • If you have 2nd choice then you would need to email your first pick and your second pick or pass.

  • 3rd choice then 1st, 2nd and 3rd picks or pass

You will have 24 hours (or time stated on email) to make your pick or pass.
If you do not...we will pick or passfor you. 
            The remaining puppies will be posted to the website available for sale.

pass as many times as you like...let us know your plan

$200 (male) OR $400 (female) deposit is required to HOLD a PUPPY

  & is nonrefundable...goes towards final price of puppy


directions from Ardyweb.com to ATMs

Holiday Station            2.71 away  100 Water St N (Hwy 3), Northfield, MN 55057

(507) 663-1151 US Bank ATM

Amcon Inc                   2.71 away         109 Water St N, Northfield, MN 55057   (507) 663-0228

Kwik Trip 385  3.0 away           500 Laurel Court Northfield, MN 55057

(507)-645-6053 no fee ATM

Big Steer                     4.75 away         8051 Bagley Ave, Northfield, MN 55057 (507) 645-6082

Wells Fargo Bank   3.09 away         700 Water St S, Northfield, MN 55057   

(507) 663-7300

First National Bank 2.9 away           329 Division St S, Northfield, MN 55057                         (507) 645-5656

Premier Bank                      3.01 away         112 5th St E, Northfield, MN 55057       

(507) 645-4418

Community Resource Bank            2.92 away         25 Bridge Sq, Northfield, MN 55057            (507) 645-3132

First National Motor Bank  3 away             529 Division St S, Northfield, MN 55057

(507) 645-567

First National Bank 3.64 away         1611 Honey Locust Dr, Northfield, MN 55057     (507) 664-0820

Community Resource Bank            3.49 away         1605 Heritage Dr, Northfield, MN 55057             (507) 645-4441

Frandsen Bank & Trust      3.89 away              715 Stafford Rd N, Dundas, MN 55019     (507) 645-8825