Below is the schedule recommended by our Vet. 

Dew claws: 1 - 3 days of age the dew claw(s) are removed.

Worming: every 2 weeks while in the breeder's care if necessary

  • Di-Gize essential oil may be used as an alternative dewormer

                       use for 3 days in a row once per month or as needed

Vaccinations:  recommended  distemper 4 or 5 way shot

(distemper, Hepatitis CAV-2, Parainfluenza, Parvorirus (coronavirus))

Puppy Series

      9 weeks
     12 weeks 
     16 weeks

& then yearly

Rabies: 16 weeks & again the following year then once every 3 years

Neuter (male) or Spade (female) not before 6 months of age

and before 8 months of age for this size dog

Heartworm:  first thaw to first hard freeze

        Snap test-blood test after the first HARD freeze

        Heartworm comes from mosquitoes. 

        Start at 5 months of age,

        continue for at least 3 months

Or use Purification essential oil and do a once a year Heartworm/Lyme test blood test-snap test at end of each season after the first hard freeze.

Lyme: shot &/or blood test for at the end of each season

Comes from deer ticks...

***to pass the disease the tick needs to carry the disease

and be on the animal for 48 hrs.

do a SNAP test (blood test) at the end of each season after the first hard freeze.

If any of my dogs have either disease...I want to know about it before Spring

the worms or disease will not be growing from November to April if the test shows positive.

it is NOT necessary to repeat the snap test in the Spring

there are NO mosquitoes or deer ticks during the Winter in Minnesota.

We have found that many veterinarians redo the vaccinations we have given

we have witnessed health issues or even death  for this size dog

they give the same size dose to a 100# dog as they do to a 2# dog

therefore we do NOT give vaccinations unless noted differently

DO NOT give more than 1 thing (drug) at a time


distemper series, bordetella, rabies, frontline, heartworm...if animal weights <10#

wait 3 days or more between drugs if no reaction

           Small    Non-Shed     Lap dogs


Teddy Bear 

ShihTzu + Bichon  * Shichon * Tzu Frise * Zuchon  

Shihpoo  shih tzu + poodle                                                                 

       we sell mixes of non shed dogs - shih tzu*bichon frise*poodle   

Great dogs for therapy & emotional support needs

Hypoallergenic puppies raised with our unique socialization methods        


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May NEED to use

desktop computer

Disease-free puppies are important to us
as I'm sure it is to you.

Oreo with Rapunel's puppy
who still wanted to nurse
when her mother was finished
nursing her...
What is amazing is that Oreo
had never had a litter but
produced milk for
this little female puppy.

 sold with a 1 year health guarantee

 Your new puppy is free of disease/illness and we strongly recommend you to visit
your veterinarian within 48 hours of receiving your new puppy
no matter where you
purchase your puppy.  It's to insure your guarantee and that the breeder was stating  that the puppy is fit for sale.

The guarantee is for one year from the date of purchase.  Most health defects show up
within one year.  If a Vet states in writing within one year that your puppy is ill or has died due to a hereditary or congenital defect you can choose one of following 3 choices:

1-return puppy for a full refund.

2-exchange puppy for one of equal value if available.

3-keep puppy and ArdyWeb pays for Vet costs up to the sold price of the puppy.

Scroll to bottom of page to read Minnesota Statues, section 325F.79. 

We believe our years of experience will help us answer all of your questions

and take care of all of your puppy needs. 

Our vet recommends NOT to offer stud service so we don't.

If other dogs were allowed on our property they can bring fleas, ear mites, sexually
 transmitted diseases or of the deadliest diseases.  Dogs that don't know each other can injure one another or worst if they are not introduced properly when attempting to mate.   We don't want any health problems or anything bad to happen to our babies.

This means we own both parents and we allow you see them. 

Weather conditions or lack of help is the ONLY reason we may not be able to show them.

The sale of dogs and cats is subject to consumer protection regulations.   Minnesota law also provides safeguards to protect pet dealers and animal purchasers.  The following guarantee is a portion of the Minnesota Statues, section 325F.79. 



Have puppy vet check within 48 hours from the time received.

To obtain the remedies, the purchaser shall:
Notify the pet dealer, within two (2) business days,

of the diagnosis by a veterinarian of a health problem & provide the pet dealer with:

  1. name of the veterinarian
  2. vet's business telephone number
  3. vet's business website address
  4. business email address of the veterinarian
  5. veterinarian license #
  6. Copy of the veterinarian’s report on the animal.

If the purchaser wishes to receive a full refund for the animal

return the animal no later than two (2) business days after receipt of a written statement from a veterinarian indicating the animal is unfit due to a health problem.   

With respect to a dead animal the purchaser must

provide the pet dealer with a written statement from a veterinarian

indicating the animal died from a health problem which existed on or before the receipt of the animal by the purchaser.

If, within ten (10) days after receipt of the animal by the purchaser, a veterinarian states, in writing, that the animal has a health problem which existed in the animal at the time of delivery, or if within one (1) year after receipt of the animal by the purchaser

  1. a veterinarian states in writing
  2. dated
  3. veterinary license # & state issued
  4. phone # of veterinarian 
  5. signed by veterinarian
  6. veterinarian's website 
  7. veterinarian's email addresses

that the animal has died or is ill due to

hereditary (genetically passed or passable from parent to offspring)


congenital (existing from birth) defect


is not the breed type represented,

the animal shall be considered to have been unfit for sale at the time of sale.

In the event an animal dies due to a health problem which existed in the animal at the time of delivery to the purchaser, the pet dealer shall provide the purchaser with one of the following remedies selected by the purchaser:
receive an animal, of equal value, if available, and reimbursement for reasonable veterinary fees, such reimbursements not exceed the original purchase price of the animal; or
Receive a refund of the full purchase price.  

Purchase price is minus eBook $10 & training fee $90

In the event of a health problem, which existed at the time of delivery to the purchaser, the pet dealer shall provide the purchaser with one of the following remedies selected by the purchaser:
return the animal to the pet dealer for a refund of the full purchase price;
exchange the animal for an animal of the purchaser’s choice of equivalent value, providing a replacement is available; or
Retain the animal, and receive reimbursement for reasonable veterinary fees, such reimbursement not to exceed the original purchase price of the animal.

The price of veterinary service shall be deemed reasonable if the service is appropriate for the diagnosis and treatment for the health problem and the price of the service is comparable to that of

similar service rendered by the breeder’s veterinarians in proximity to the treating veterinarian. 

Pet dealer will not honor any diagnosis from an HSVNA (Humane Society Veterinary Medical Association) veterinarian or any veterinarian associated with Banfield Veterinarian Services.

No refund, replacement, or reimbursement of veterinary fees shall be required if any one or more of the following conditions exist.
1          The health problem or death resulted from maltreatment, neglect or a disease contracted while in the possession of the purchaser, or from an injury sustained subsequent to receipt of the animal by the purchaser.
2          A statement was not provided to the purchaser which disclosed the health problem for which the purchaser seeks to return the animal.
3          If the veteran is not available for the breeder to speak too.
4          The purchaser fails to carry out recommended treatment prescribed by the examining veterinarian or breeder.
In the event that a pet dealer wishes to contest a demand for the relief, the pet dealer may require the purchaser to produce the animal for examination or autopsy by a veterinarian designated by the pet dealer.  The pet dealer shall have a right of recovery against the purchaser if the pet dealer is not obligated to provide a remedy.

The prevailing party in the court action shall have the right to recover costs and reasonable attorney fees not to exceed $500.00.