• adores human company
  • affectionate
  • long-lived
  • obedient
  • notice anything different or strange
  • small (under 10" at shoulders)
  • excellent retriever & good swimmer
  • suitable for city (with regular walks) or country living

may need to be taught to limit barking
may need adult supervision with small children  

Poodles, shihpoos (shih tzu/poodle cross) and bichpoos (bichon/poodle cross) do need to know everything that is going on...if the door bell rings they look at you and say do you have it anybody to visit me...I can get that for you...really I can.  There is little that goes unnoticed by a poodle-great watchdog.

I can show simple techniques so that you new puppy doesn't become a barker.  4 or 5 barks is fine with me but more than that is just too much. 

They can learn to do low pitched barks. 
Poodles are extremely intelligent and learn quickly. 

(1/2 Shih Tzu & 1/2 Poodle

shih tzu/poodle cross)
Our mixed breeds are from a registered purebred Shih Tzu & registered purebred Poodle. The parents' registered numbers will be on the puppy's paperwork.  We can prove that the puppy is exactly 1/2 of each breed.

The puppies cannot be registered since they are not yet recognized by any of the dog clubs.  They will have the look of a shih tzu but with the playfulness of a poodle.

           Small    Non-Shed     Lap dogs


Teddy Bear ShihTzu + Bichon      (Shichon * Tzu Frise * Zuchon)  

           Bichon Frise 

TeddiPoo shih tzu + bichon + poodle

          Shih Tzu     

         ShihPoo  shih tzu + poodle                                       


mixes of non shed dogs - shih tzu*bichon frise*poodle   

Great dogs for therapy & emotional support needs

Hypoallergenic puppies raised with our unique socialization methods        


              updated on  6 16 2019

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We will not be be taking future deposit for Shihpoos. 

However once born we will accept deposits.

We breed a couple of litters per year

We cannot produce every breed available &
chose to focus on what we do best.
There may be more born in the near future
They will be posted to the website when known.