Breeder needs to state what % of what breed the puppy is

Teddy Bear is a designer name

it may not be what you think it is.
1/2 Shih Tzu & 1/2 Bichon


3/4 Shih Tzu & 1/4 Bichon


1/4 Shih Tzu & 3/4 Bichon

teddy bear (% bichon & %  shih tuz)

parents and or grandparents are registered bichon or shih tzu

Our mixed breeds are from a registered
purebred Shih Tzu & registered purebred Bichon or teddy bear raised by us.
The parents' registered numbers will be
on the puppy's paperwork.
We can prove that the puppy is exactly
 1/2 of each breed

or 3/4 and 1/4 of each breed

The puppies cannot be registered since they are not yet recognized by any of the dog clubs.


  • loves children and animals
  • adores human company
  • affectionate
  • hardy
  • even-tempered
  • suitable for city-(with regular walks) or country living 

can have eye trouble and can be arrogant.
These problems can be addressed by the
breeder's program, diet & how they are trained.  We have had less than 1% issues

teddy bears (shih tzu/bichon cross)
 like Bichons do not need to know everything that is going on.

If the door bell rings they look at you and
say do you have that...is it anybody to visit me...Ok...I'll be over here playing with my toys.

Sometimes if you are going to talk so long
without saying hello to me I just go lay down over here with my toys.

below are customers who have deposits

                                   placed for teddy bears. 

They will offered the litter before they are placed on the website for sale

Customers below have PASSED on thepuppies

posted for sale

or are passing till date shown (puppy's birth date)

                  *pick order changes as puppies are chosen

              TEDDY BEAR Pricing

male $700 + tax included

female $900 tax included

     or at breeder discretion-

       price posted before offering

estimating size is NOT an exact science
The  method we use has proven itself to be correct 8 out of 10 times

*Size range will be listed at birth

*Size is estimated at 7 weeks of age

1st pick male  or 1st pick female - karen s.

2nd pick male or female - ann f.

3rd pick- this could be you

Hypo-Allergenic Lap Dogs
Good with Children & other pets

If you wish to reserve a future puppy from a litter not born yet
you may place a deposit & be placed on the pick list

you may choose to watch the website for up coming puppies posted for sale

           Small    Non-Shed     Lap dogs


Teddy Bear ShihTzu + Bichon      (Shichon * Tzu Frise * Zuchon)  

           Bichon Frise 

TeddiPoo shih tzu + bichon + poodle

          Shih Tzu     

         ShihPoo  shih tzu + poodle                                       


mixes of non shed dogs - shih tzu*bichon frise*poodle   

Great dogs for therapy & emotional support needs

Hypoallergenic puppies raised with our unique socialization methods        


              updated on  10 17 2019

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