MINNESOTA Small Non Shed

Hypoallergenic Lap Puppies

Teddy Bear 

      ShihTzu + Bichon     

            (Shichon * Tzu Frise * Zuchon)  

 Bichon Frise 

TeddiPoo shih tzu + bichon + poodle

          Shih Tzu     

         ShihPoo  shih tzu + poodle                                       


mixes of non-shed dogs - shih tzu*bichon frise*poodle   

Great dogs forTherapy& Emotional Support needs


raised with our unique socialization methods        


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How to use Essential Oils
on your Dog Part 3

Purification-ear mites, repels pests
Melrose-disinfects wounds
Educational Video
Duration: <6 minutes

What is needed
for your new puppy

educational video

Duratation:  6:09 minutes



educational video  finishing & #10 shavers

Duration:  9:24minutes

How to use Essential Oils
on your Dog Part 4

Thieves essential oil
thieves essential oil is
for teeth cleaning &
an natural antibiotic

Thieves household cleaner
is for cleaning the kennel and
is a different product then
thieves essential oil
Educational Video
Duration: 8 minutes

Calm Down Technique
Training Video
Duration: 1:38 minutes

Diarrhea can be a sign of many things.

  • It can be a reaction to change.
  • Change can be a stress factor.
  • The change might be going from the breeder/pet store to the puppy’s new home.
  • It might be an excited dog knowing it is going hunting.
  • Vaccinations, surgery (neutering, spaying), boarding, can cause diarrhea.
  • Changes in your pet’s diet, adding new pets, children born into the family or any major change of life can cause a case of diarrhea.
  • Diarrhea can be a sign of bacterial, viral or parasite infection.

Sold Puppies
from ArdyWeb.com

Duration:  1:49

How to choose Dog Food

How to use Essential Oils
on your Dog Part 2

Peppermint-sore muscles, repels pests
Di-Gize-diarrhea, coccidia, giardia
Lemon-disinfect water, kidney issues
Wintergreen & Panaway-pain relief
Educational Video
Duration: <6 minutes

Grate Crate Method
 different from Traditional Kenneling
 educational video 
Duration: < 14 minutes

Rollover Technique
Training Video
Duration: 2:25 minutes

How to Train your dog to STOP BARKING

<7 minutes

Purchase grate crate from ArdyWeb.com
even if you did not buy a puppy from us!
go to the Puppy Supply Store webpage

how to make your own
educational video
items needed:
harness, collar & towel

Duration:   1:30 minutes

Scarecrow animal

control systems

A motion sensor sprinkler to deter raccoons, deer or other wildlife. I use it for my vegetable garden. 

(9V battery & garden hose)

Duration:   41 seconds


How to Remove Ear Hair

5:05 minutes

How to use Essential Oils
on your Dog Part 1-

Tear Staining
skin issues
Educational Video
Duration: 7 minutes

Fun Video
Which dog is the guilty one?
click the link
or paste the link in your browser


Duration:  34 seconds

Dr. Becker DVM Demonstrates

How to Make A Bone Broth              10:07 minutes

No Chase Method
Training Video
Duration: < 6 minutes