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We are inspected by the MN board of Animal Health (MNBAH)

We are inspected by our vet

We have VERY HIGH STANDARDS for ourselves

              We are involved in continuing education to be the BEST breeder

MNBAH has 26 standards that ALL dog breeders in the state


                   We do MORE than what is required by the state for our dogs

If ANY MINNESOTA dog breeder does NOT pass the inspection

they can NO LONGER  sell their puppies to you

till they bring their kennel up to the 26 required standards



REMEMBER FEAR is just false evidence appearing real

Handicapped access

due to the access barrier of no ramp
wide doorway to the restroom

we cannot provide a visits for wheelchairs or others that cannot use stairs.

however someone could schedule that can use stairs
take photos, videos for the handicapped person to view later.

facetime would be another option

by offering another method of service we are in compliance

How to tell the

Good from the Bad and the Ugly...

My puppies areindividual kennel trained...
this avoids puppy separation anxiety. 
Wouldn't you be fearful the first time
separated from everything you know.

I do NOT take the puppy directly from
its mother
and give the puppy directly to you.  
I gradually lengthen the separation time and
with this method the puppy does not get upset.
 They will keep eating and not cry into the night.
  This process lets me know exactly when the
 puppy is weaned and ready to go home with you.

I socialize the puppies to play with their toys,
 not chew on my shoe laces and to keep out
of the cupboards, refrig etc.  They have been
exposed to many sights, sounds
 (they listen to talk radio)...I enjoy playing
with the puppies and have taken the time to
educate, train and more. 

The socialization process is started at birth.
At 6 weeks of age, the puppies are brought
 into my home and only go back to their
 mother to nurse several times a day. 
Once they are weaned they are raised in
my home.  They go outside when the
weather is nice.

I can teach the grate method of kenneling...
not just the crate (traditional kenneling). 
With the grate method you do NOT need
 to get up in the middle of the night or
run home to take the puppy out to do its business

They learn to go both outside and use the
back up plan
if necessary. 

I like to teach the puppy to go BOTH outside

and use the grate as backup...

it doesn't matter if it's
COLD, RAINING or you are just SHORT ON TIME. 

Both methods work but mine is cleaner,
healthier and much easier.  
You decide which method works best for you. 

I use a larger kennel with a grate-no puppy repeat bathing...
no sitting in water because they have tipped over the water dish etc. 

This method is great for people who can't run to the door every time the puppy needs to go out.  My customers who live in condos/apartments love that they do not need to run down the hall/stairs/elevator every time the dog needs to relieve itself. 

It's wonderful for who ever may be dog sitting.

They're being taught to come to a whistle

They know the wordNO

I will show you the calm down techinque plus more.
Watch the training videos!

Thetax is included in the price-
NO surprises with extra costs.

No limited registration and no extra costs

if you care to show or breed your puppy.

If born with dew claws they are removed-
they're only good for snagging clothing

hunting dogs need their dew claws

Everyone who buys a puppy from me gets a copy of professional pointers...
120 pages eBook

Doggone sound advise about training and caring for the family pooch. 

The eBook is packed full of indispensable tips to help avoid andresolvecommon behavioral problems.  It is designed to building a mutually rewarding relationship between canine and owner.

I am available for questions
even after the puppy is sold

I show you how toidentify and avoid

worms, fleas and other problems.

The puppies are raised by me,
trained by me and sold by me. 
NOT an employee or friend of the family who really knows nothing
about raising, training and teaching you how to have a well-behaved puppy.

I own both PARENTs

To avoid health issues & to keep our insurance costs low we are no longer able to show parents however, we can email photos;)

Once a deposit is placed on a puppy and it is born,

I email weekly updates with photos & videos

Please don't expect other breeders to provide you with all the additional information and extra effort of

removing dews-


teaching you the basics & so much more...

their bottom line is to provide you with a puppy and make a profit.

If the place you are considering to buy a puppy from is ever unclean or the puppies/adults are not groomed or cared for... this should be a  clear sign...
this is not where you want to purchase your puppy from.

If the seller ONLY will meet you in a parking lot ...this should be a clear warning sign...a bright red flag.  Or they tell you they're selling the puppies for a relative/friend.

If they don't have the records of shots or other vet history available for you to take.  If they do not have the registration paperwork
ready for you when you take the puppy. If they do not have the registration # of the parents.  This # proves they are purebred.

If the puppy is sprayed with perfume to cover bad smells-think again why perfume instead of bathe. If the dog was used for breeding purposes
they usually will want to mark your furniture, carpet, etc-it can be corrected but you will need to know how to break the habit.

I take the time to educate you and give my training methods in written format, by email, a 120 page care guide written by me. 
I do not just take the money and say... see ya!!! 
I encourage you to call if problems arise...a habit it much harder to break than getting it right the first time;)

I want you and the puppy to have an enjoyable life together.

I know exactly who the father sneaking neighbor's dogs allowed.

To insure that parasites do not come from puppies are dewormed once every 2 weeks (cycle of adult and egg laying is 3 weeks)
 dipped if necessary...NO fleas, ticks or mites.

The mother is fed a high-grade diet so not deficient and can produce healthy pups which means she can nurse the pups with the highest nutrition possible.  It is one of the many reasons are health risks are less than 1%
The mother is only allowed to be bred if she is totally back in shape and  if she can produce healthy, happy puppies.  This is not rocket science but simple common sense!

What we do differently from other dog breeders

      Why buy from us

why NOT to purchase from us

If you are not positive that you are ready for a dog…

Puppies are not pieces of furniture to match your decor.

I do NOT loan, lease or take back a puppy because you didn’t think about it...
unless there is a health problem with the puppy (see the health guarantee)

If you have difficulty saying NO then  a poor dog trainer you will is important

to set boundaries.  To teach what is fine to do and what is not allowed.  This keeps your pooch safe,

healthy and all happy.

Once a puppy leaves my care I can not guarantee that its health has not been jeopardized or that no injury has occurred…this is how I can insure that I do not sell puppies that have been dropped, kicked or
exposed to diseases, parasites or other dangers. 

Any breeder who takes back a puppy without vet checking and

quarantining  it for a least 10 days is asking for problems. 

  • I will not sell you somebody else's problem. 
  • My promise is to do everything I can to sell you a healthy, happy puppy.

If you find that you made a poor decision or another problem has occurred…

then take responsibility and resell the puppy to a loving home.

Do not expect me to jeopardize all my hard work due to poor judgment or other problem.

You can email me for advise on how to resell the puppy.

  • check with friends
  • neighbors
  • family
  • put ad in newspaper or Craiglist
  • post it board at grocery stores-churches, vets, dog rescues

I do not talk anyone into buying a puppy but I have talked individuals out of buying one.

If you wish to bring a someone with you to help you decide...
PLEASE...have them read my website before coming out.
They will have the same information as you.  We don't waste time telling them what you already know from reading this website.  I want to focus on showing you how to raise & train the puppy not the questions answered here in this website;) 
Thank-you in advance;)

MINNESOTA Small Non-Shed

Lap dogs                 

Teddy Bear 

      ShihTzu + Bichon     

            (Shichon * Tzu Frise * Zuchon)  

 Bichon Frise 

TeddiPoo shih tzu + bichon + poodle

          Shih Tzu     

         ShihPoo  shih tzu + poodle                                       


mixes of non shed dogs - shih tzu*bichon frise*poodle   

Great dogs fortherapy& emotional support needs


puppies raised with our unique socialization methods        


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